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Cleaning Tips for Shared Workspaces

Shared work-spaces or co-working spaces, are a trendy new resource that business professionals are opting to utilize for many of their business needs. Co-work spaces offer amenities such as a business mailing address, mail sorting, internet and phone access, private offices, and conference rooms all with no long-term commitment. However, for all their conveniences there are a few draw backs to these seemingly perfect work solutions, including lack of privacy, minimal personal space, and the always concerning issue of cleanliness. If you are considering a co-work space, below are a few tips to keeping it clean and staying healthy.

Highly touched surfaces like tables, desks, chairs, light switches and door handles should be wiped down daily with a chemically treated cloth. Not surprisingly, restrooms are one of the dirtiest places in an office building, shared work-space or otherwise. Toilets bowls and seat are a breeding ground for the spread of germs. That combined that with sink fixtures and paper dispensers and the entire office can be sick in a matter of days or even hours. These areas require special commercial grade products and should be cleaned multiple times throughout the day.

Most people don’t give much thought to the floors they walk on but they should. Hundreds of millions of pieces of dirt and debris can be tracked in one step at a time. Using the wrong cleaning product on a floors surface can have little cleaning benefit. It is important to research the best product for the surface of the floor in your office, once you find the proper product mopping the floor nightly it critical for proper hygiene. Always remembering to wash or replace mop heads when needed. Following these tips will help minimize the spread of germs in your shared work-space.

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