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Top 4 Areas to Declutter around the Office this Fall

Let’s talk about Fall office decluttering. We’ve all heard of Spring Cleaning. The time of year when we open the windows and let in fresh air but, when the sunlight comes glaring in we notice how dusty it’s become during the winter. This usually causes us to go on a manic cleaning spree. But not many people give much thought to Fall decluttering, so here are my top four things to declutter around the office this Fall. Take a sip of coffee and let’s get started.

Your laptop bag or briefcase, lighten your load by decluttering and filing important documents you want to reference later. Trash any papers that aren’t useful. Wow, you’ve met so many people you networking rock star! Next let’s get your contacts added to your CRM. Admit it, that felt good didn’t it?

Moving on to your junk, I mean supply drawer, talk about clutter. How many times have you found yourself ordering things like tape, binder clips, and highlighters only to find un-opened boxes when you go to make room for the new ones? I get it, there is never enough storage but you’ll be surprise by how much room you have once you get organized. Labeling cabinets and drawers will save you time when you’re looking for items later.

The office refrigerator is next on our fall decluttering list. Send out a company-wide email letting everyone know you plan to clean the refrigerator on Friday at 5 pm, if they have anything they want that it should be labeled. On Friday simple toss anything that is not labeled. Spray and wipe the inside and outside with a multi-purpose cleaner (I suggest something with a lemon scent). You deserve a break after all this cleaning.

Lastly, we’re decluttering the Janitors closet. This can be the scariest place in your building. It’s dark and wet, and honestly it smells. Start by replacing mop heads, cleaning the mop bucket, and utility sink. Next, take inventory of all the cleaning chemicals, if there are multiple bottles of cleaners try to combine them into one bottle and organize them neatly. Finally, brighten up the space with a new light bulb. Just like that, your office is looking and smelling better and everyone is happy!

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