Hamilton Janitorial

Commercial Janitorial Services in Fairfield & New Haven Counties

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning

  1. How many people are on a team? Typically there are two to three people, depending on the size of the facility.

  2. Does the same team clean my business each time? As often as possible, yes. We understand that having the same cleaning team is a part of offering consistent service, so we try to have the same team clean each time.

  3. Does someone have to be on-site when the team arrives? No. Typically we enter the building using a client-provided key (and access/alarm codes when needed).

  4. Are broken items covered? Yes, we are insured. If we break something, we will bring it to our contact’s attention the very next morning and take the proper steps to replace the item.

  5. What kind of cleaning supplies are used? We only use commercial-grade sanitizers and disinfectants. These products are purchased directly from a janitorial supplier unless the client requests that we use other products.

  6. Do you clean windows? Yes, we clean the inside of windows if requested.

  7. What if I’m not satisfied? We guarantee all work performed; if you’re not satisfied, we will re-clean the specific area within 24 hours—just let us know.

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